Playhouse Basketball 

        6 TEAMS ONE FAMILY * Delano, CA * Las Vegas, NV * Phoenix, AZ * San Diego, CA * Vancouver, BC * Bakersfield, CA *    

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Playhouse Basketball originally came from the name Pinoy Play House. Established in 1996 in a small town called Delano in central California. It was started with a group of 11 junior high school friends. 26 Years later we are now 6 generations strong and over 400 members.

July of 2003, with the help of a couple high school students we started Playhouse Delano Basketball. This program was established to support the love of basketball and to help keep our youth of Delano out of trouble. As years passed this team became an adult traveling basketball team.

July of 2013 Playhouse Delano Junior was established. Team Capitan is Jomar Sanitago. 2016 Playhouse Prospects was established. Team Captain Jerick Gloria. 2019 Playhouse future was established. Coach Lamar de Leon, Jay Macabuag & Jay Qinbuyen. Playhouse Delano is under the supervision of manager Leeciel San Antonio.

February of 2009, with hard work and determination we took a leap of faith and decided to branch Playhouse Basketball to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our team participates in local leagues, travels to compete in tournaments and hosted 2 tournaments a year in Las Vegas. September of 2011, we wanted to take our organization to the next level by giving back to the younger generation and started a Playhouse Las Vegas Junior team. Leading our Playhouse Las Vegas family is manager Eldrin Aquino. Playhouse YoungGunz is our youth basketball team coached by Roy & Chris Bay.

August of 2013 under the supervision of manager Moises Platon, we branched or Playhouse Family to Phoenix, Arizona.

February of 2016 under the supervision of manager Jeric Camia, Playhouse Basketball Oahu, Hawaii was established.

January of 2017 we are excited to start our second team in California. Our Playhouse family established a team in the beautiful city of San Diego. Managing our Playhouse family is manager Ej Borja.

March of 2017 Playhouse goes international and starts our very first team in Canada. Managing our Vancouver, British Columbia team is Raymund Abrigo.

June of 2022 we are excited to extend our Playhouse family to Bakersfield, California under the direction of Manager Liz Macabuag, Head coach Jay Macabuag and Asst. Coach Elijah Cardenas. 

Overseeing all  6 playhouse Basketball teams is General manager Mr. Rolly Uclaray.

Uclaray; is one of the original member of Pinoy Play House. He has over 20 years of experience in promotions and management with various organizations.

He worked with the NBA Development League (known as the G-League now), the Bakersfield Jam as their Promotions Manager. During his time with the Jam, he trained with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. 

When he’s not managing Playhouse basketball, he works full time as a branch manager for a credit union. On his spare time, he enjoys traveling the world and spending time with his family and friend. 

His motto: "Why try so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out."